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Easy Wash


Biodegradable means Type of waste material which can be broken down and consumed by microorganisms and return to compounds found in nature. Waste water after washing cloth by Orine Bio easy wash Biological detergent can be used with Irrigation water without harmful effect to plants.

Orine Biological detergent is safe for skin. Orine Bio easy wash is very soft and mild to skin.

Low Foam Formula

"Low Foam Formulla We Will Bring Your Clothes And Machine To Life"

General washing powder and detergents creates more foam. With higher foam needs plenty of water at rinse time. When using Orine Bio easy wash, it removes dirt very easily though it has low foam formula that is why need less water at rinse time.

No colour fad and Colour care

When we use washing powder to wash cloth, when rinse there is small amount of powder deposited on cloths and washing machine. Every cycle increase deposition. Cloths become fade. While we are using Orine Bio easy wash there will be no remaining solid residue on cloth. Colour shine of cloths will remain as it is.

Long life of washing machine

Washing powder and soap deposits on the wall and pipes of washing machine. Orine Biological detergent bio-washing liquid would not be deposit on the wall of washing Machine. Washing machine need not descaling.

Long life of Cloths

"Spot less Washing every time!"

When using washing machine, collar and cuff of the cloth need extra effort for cleaning like rubbing brush manually. It will damage cloth. As a solution apply Orine bio easy wash on dirt area. Then go for washing machine.

Compatible fabrics like Cotton, Polyester, woolen & silk

  • While washing inhibits colour transfer.
  • Works best even with hard water.
  • Compatible for all types of fabrics like cotton, polyester, woollen and silk.
  • Lasting fragrance.
  • Economical.

1 litre Orine bio easy wash pack gives up to 100 washes for a small size washing machine .Requires only 1 ml/Litre.

Easy Wash Awailable In :

Bio Easy Wash With Softner 500 ml

Bio Easy Wash With Softner 1 Ltr

Bio Easy Wash With Softner 5 Ltr

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